Sports week

Do you want to take part in the coolest summer camp this summer?
Well, then you're in the right place! :)


Foto: Budstikka

Holmenparken invites all children from 1st to 7th grade in week 27.

Holmenparken IL is a newly established sports club with the goal of achieving easily accessible activities for all in Holmen sports park. We have already established a number of activities such as our Sport's week, after school sports daycare and a variety of projects in cooperation with schools in the local area.

To participate in our activities, the participant must be a member of Holmenparken sports club. Membership in Holmenparken sports club costs 100 NOK per calendar year.

Foto: Budstikka

Upon registration choose the group "Idrettsuken 2022" The price for 4 whole days of activities and different sports is 1495 NOK (which includes membership in Holmenparken sports club). You will receive request for payment after confirming your registration.

Foto: Budstikka

Price kr. 1495,- (which includes membership in Holmenparken sports club).